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Bags are made and filled according to age range and gender.  Some chapters prepare bags in 5 different age ranges as listed below:

  1. boy/girl Infant-18 months
  2. boy/girl 18 month – 3 years
  3. boy/girl 4-7 years
  4. boy/girl 8-12 years
  5. boy/girl 13-17 years

Other chapters combine the first two categories into one infant-3 years.  If doing that include both a sippy cup and a bottle in the bag.

Bag Contents – instructions for filling bags

bag labelsThis bag belongs to

Click the button below to download the brochure.  It was created to be easy to add your own contact information.

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Quilt Labels – Mirror Image

Quilt Labels

Quilt Labels – Made by Loving…

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While the “Its My Very Own” manual is undergoing an update, the basic content remains the same as the 2006 version (a big thank you to Barbara Neher, who wrote the manual; what a huge and important work).   The changes are in the logo and contact information.  Please review the other tabs on this page for revised forms, labels, etc.  For questions, requests for more information, or new chapter registration, please contact:
Susan Schnell

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