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Change Is Inevitable

Change is Inevitable

Change is inevitable and as you can see there are some changes with the new website.  The new logo is re-focusing on the name, “It’s My Very Own.”  While many of you are more familiar with the name “Bags of Love” that actually was never the official name.  Bags of Love are what we make and distribute.  Barbara emphasized to me that she was impressed by God to name this ministry, It’s My Very Own.  (Influenced by the story of the child that pulled the toothbrush out of his bag and said, “Is this my very own? I don’t have to share it with anyone?”)  Over the next weeks and months you will find on this website more resources with the new logo.  I do not expect everyone to change all at once or throw anything away that you currently are using with the former logo.  I just hope that in time as you run out of supplies you will begin using the new logo.

Please contact me if you currently have an active chapter and do not see it listed on this website.  Somehow in the transition some of the chapters were not included.

Susan Schnell
International Director

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